Visual Effects are used everywhere

If you want to create a game, there is a big chance that you will need some VFX on it.

VFX are what makes game look amazing, you may have the best graphics in the world but without proper VFXs you will lack the extra touch to make it look amazing.

In this tutorial you will learn all the necessary steps you need to create a VFX in a fantasy style. Here you will learn all the fundamentals like texturing, materials and using Niagara to create your own VFXs.

Learn Substance Designer

Learn to create textures in a procedural way using Substance Designer. Creating VFX textures can be a little bit different from your usual texturing experience, so by the end of this course you will feel confident to create any kind of VFX texture you need for your projects.

Learn Unreal Engine Materials

Materials are one of the most important topics during Game Development. It can be very challenging to create Materials to be used in a VFX System, in this course you will learn how to create high quality materials for any kind of Niagara effect.

Learn Niagara Systems

Niagara is a powerful tool inside Unreal Engine 5. It has endless applications in Game Development and in this course you will learn how to create a Fantasy Effect using it. This exercise will teach you how to create any other kind of VFX using Niagara so you can create your own systems.

Your Instructor

Andrei is a professional VFX artist working in the video game industry. He started using Unreal Engine 3 in 2012 and is currently working on Sonus Requiem, a Tactical RPG game made in Unreal Engine 5. He is your guy when it comes to making VFX that has the fantasy style.

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